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As you may already know, the Otsuka Health Solutions team are now part of Holmusk so we’ve got a new website. Our team members and the MaST products and services otherwise remain the same.


Given the current pressures that the NHS face during the COVID-19 pandemic, the MaST team has been working with NHS Mental Health Trusts to help them manage increased demands, changes to the way staff are managing service user contacts and cope with the potential reduction in staffing.

We recognise that Community Mental Health Teams will be under considerable pressure from:

  • An increased likelihood of crisis and demand for urgent care services.
  • Reduction in availability of staff who are caring for dependents, in self-isolation or on sickness absence.
  • Re-deployment of nurses in mental health and management roles to support the COVID-19 workforce.
  • Potential increase in the number of new service users
  • Increased presentation of service users with anxiety and depression.

MaST helps healthcare workers easily view and manage their caseloads. It’s designed to give them the information they need when they need it, minimising administration time so they can spend it delivering recovery focused care with service users.

During these challenging times there is a clear focus on, and prioritisation of, innovations that can support the NHS in managing time critical demands.

E-mail Alerts

Weekly brief summaries that provide an update on key caseload issues:

  • People not contacted for 4 weeks (including telephone, online consultations)
  • People at highest Risk of Crisis (according to the MaST algorithm)
  • People whose care might require review, including KPIs

10 minutes of MaST a day

  • A short guide to help staff prioritise caseload activities
  • The specific priority activities can be completed in just 10 minutes per day
  • Saves time searching through other documentation ensuring that service users who have greater risk of crisis and complexity aren’t missed
  • Supported by a rapid training module to get teams quickly up to speed and start using MaST

'Support Plus'

This is a flag in MaST which highlights specific individuals on mental health caseloads for whom isolation may significantly increase risk to their mental health, for example:

  • Over 70s
  • Those who are clustered 14, 15 or 17 or above
  • Those who have had recent hospital admissions (last 12 weeks)
  • Recent history of self-harm
  • People in unstable accommodation who have no carer
  • People who are shielding or self-isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms

COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 dashboard has been developed so that clinicians from any mental health service can manage the caseload of individuals at greatest risk because of current pandemic. It uses the data structure currently used for MaST with the following additional information:

  • Data available from the Electronic Health Record related to all mental health services
  • Data from the list of people recommended for shielding (including reason for shielding if available)

The information is structured in the same way as current MaST dashboards so it is familiar, intuitive and rapid to implement.