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Advancing the management of mental healthcare

MaST laptop

MaST (Management and Supervision Tool)

is a decision support tool which uses predictive analytics to help mental health staff make better decisions about the resources they use to provide safer and higher quality care.

MaST is a software platform used by front line staff, including doctors, mental health nurses and team managers.

Its simple dashboard displays clinically relevant information that is already captured but often buried deep within the electronic health record.

The difference we make

MaST helps improve the management of community mental health caseloads and flow through the service

The use of MaST in NHS Mental Health Trusts resulted in:

  • A reduction in hospital admissions
  • A reduction in mental health crisis rates
  • A shift in activity from inpatient to community services during a period of crisis
  • Staff feeling more in control of their caseload and the delivery of core safety and quality standards

MaST delivers results

MaST delivers an estimated cost saving of £1.7m within six months* of full usage. This derives from service users being managed in the community instead of in an inpatient service setting.

The shift in activity from inpatient services to a community setting is based on the assumption that a person has on average one contact per day with a consultant-led community crisis services team while experiencing a mental health crisis in the community.


*Information on PLICS Mental Health Provider Spell day was used as a proxy for inpatient service bed days (£524) and PLICS Mental Health Care Contacts was used a proxy for the number of days under the care of the community crisis services team. The average cost of a mental health care contact is £210 and it is assumed that a service user had on average one contact per day.

Can MaST help you?



  • Are you exploring how data can support the delivery of the Community Mental Health Framework (NHS England 2019)?
  • Have you had an electronic patient record in place for more than 2 years?
  • Are you interested in hearing how MaST has been adopted in other Trusts?
  • Find out how MaST can work for you

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