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As you may already know, the Otsuka Health Solutions team are now part of Holmusk so we’ve got a new website. Our team members and the MaST products and services otherwise remain the same.

Our Solution

The Challenge

  • More people are suffering with serious mental health disorders and yet clinical resources can't meet the demand
  • High caseloads and the manual processing of multiple sources of data means that clinicians become overwhelmed and may not prioritise people needing crisis care
  • MaST is an AI platform that analyses these data sources to predict people's likelihood of requiring crisis care, enabling clinicians to effectively manage their caseloads
  • As a result, more people get early support to help avert admission to hospital

The Solution

MaST is a digital solution that analyses data from multiple sources supporting mental health services by:

  • Providing valuable insights to promote mental and physical health, and preventing ill health
  • Building a model of care based on inclusivity, particularly for people with coexisting needs, with the highest levels of complexity and who experience marginalisation
  • Support delivery of proactive reviews for all patients on Community Mental Health Teams’ caseloads and increase therapeutic activity and supportive interventions
  • Provide a joined-up and representative multi-disciplinary team with the data, information and analytics which inform effective and efficient decision making

The difference we've made

We have helped Trusts:

  • Improve caseload management and allocation of resources, identifying people who may be at greatest risk of using crisis services and improving patient flow
  • Gain insight into the Risk of Crisis and Complexity by combining the information in a range of electronic health and social care records through MaST
  • Identify, prioritise and contact vulnerable service users with information from different systems, organisations and staff, ensuring it’s comprehensive, systematic and coordinated


Intelligent caseload management in Community Mental Health Teams

A powerful and easy to use dashboard which analyses data and information from multiple sources to inform decision-making based on service user needs and the likely resource required to provide safe and effective care.

Identifying and monitoring more vulnerable people

MaST Wellbeing supports organisations and transition teams to proactively reach out to service users who may be on a caseload but not actively engaged with services, as well as those considered most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting proactive care in memory services and older adults' mental health care

MaST Complex Care supports staff to avert crisis and identify older adults who may need additional care resources because of their additional health and social vulnerabilities.  Members of the multi-disciplinary team can then work together to prioritise resources and deliver safe, high quality care.

Delivering care on the Early Intervention in Psychosis pathway

MaST Early Intervention uses data and analytics to help teams delivering care on the Early Intervention Pathway. Using simple graphics to show factors that make care more complex and when actions or interventions need to be reviewed, MaST supports teams to keep on track and deliver recovery-focused care.

Working together

  1. We will work together with you to understand your local priorities and develop MaST functions to support the national transformation agenda in line with The Community Mental Health Framework for Adults and Older Adults
  2. We'll provide a report in Phase 1 to review the performance of the algorithm on your data and generate early insights
  3. Working closely with front line teams enables us to support the launch in selected pilot sites before scaling up across multiple teams, using easily accessible and interactive training methods
  4. Generating reports to monitor uptake and impact helps support the project team during implementation
  5. We’ll work closely with you to transition to a ‘business as usual’ state where MaST is embedded in normal ways of working



  1. We have a strong focus on Information, Security and Governance through application of the ISO27001 framework and completing an annual submission to the NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit (formerly the NHS Digital Information Governance Toolkit)
  2. We have a dedicated Clinical Safety Officer who ensures compliance with the DCB0129 standards on Clinical Risk Management for Health IT systems

Certificate Number 11464