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As you may already know, the Otsuka Health Solutions team are now part of Holmusk so we’ve got a new website. Our team members and the MaST products and services otherwise remain the same.

Advancing the management of mental healthcare

What we do:

MaST is part of Holmusk Europe and we help Community Mental Health Services to change the way they use data and information so that they can improve the quality of life for people using services across England.

We improve caseload management and people’s flow through services by identifying those who are at greater risk of using crisis services and those who may require different services to support their recovery. Our decision support tools provide a sustainable way to stabilise and transform community mental health services.

We work closely with front line staff and management teams to understand the day to day challenges in providing care.


The MaST solution and team use data already captured in health and social care records and present it in a way that is easy to use to support care decisions.

We work side by side with mental heath teams and digital champions to ensure training is comprehensive and adoption is well supported.

We enable staff to take on ownership of the solutions and implementation so that data driven decisions become an integral part of how they work.

We advance the management of mental health by predicting the likelihood of people needing crisis care.

Customer Stories

Case Study Front Cover

1. Improving Caseload Management and Flow in Community Mental Health Teams

Find out how MaST was used to help transform Mersey Care’s Community Mental Health Team and delivered an overall reduction in caseload sizes, improved discharge management, improved compliance and an overall reduction in new crises.

2. Stepping down and moving on

A case study for the use of MaST in Community Mental Health Teams.

Find out how MaST helped Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust help the Community Mental Health Team prioritise safely and focus on meaningful interventions to ensure service users were getting the appropriate level of care.  MaST was used to help the clinic specifically assess service users’ readiness for safe ‘step down’.

Case Study Front Cover
Case Study Front Cover

3. Integrating Community data through using MaST COVID-19 in Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Find out how MaST was adapted at the beginning of the 2020 COVID19 pandemic to integrate community data.  In collaboration with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust we created a COVID-19 version of MaST. This update enabled staff to identify, intervene and ensure the safety of their most vulnerable service users, assessing whether a change in care would be needed during this turbulent time.

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